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R  I  B  A

The imperatives of the building code are forcing rapid progress in the energy efficiency of all buildings. The drive toward creating carbon-neutral buildings is entirely consistent with our beliefs in conservation, and we incorporate the following technical solutions to achieve maximum energy efficiency in our designs: 


- High levels of insulation to floor, walls and roof.  

- Energy efficient primary heat sources,  including

ground and air source heat pumps, solar panels and wind turbines

- Air tightness to avoid heat loss through draughts.

- Heat recovery systems.

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We believe in the relevance of hand crafted buildings. The Arts and Crafts Movement continues to provide inspiration and it is encouraging to witness the revival of some of our traditional crafts.

We are familiar with many traditional construction techniques and have worked with cob, stone and other masonry construction, as well as slate, tiled and thatched roof systems. Traditional materials are often used in conjunction with modern building techniques in the interests of sustainability and durability.

- Control of direct solar gain through design of openings.

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